Day 292

My speech I gave in front of my new school.

Hey guys!

You know how everyone tells you that you can change the world? Do you believe them? I am here to tell you, that you most definitely can! But before I get into that, let me tell you how God has been using me.

Hi, I am Ashley Liebler, and about one year ago today God placed a burden on my heart to help the shoe-less children in Africa by going barefoot for a cause. A verse that inspired me was Ephesians 2:10 which states “For we are God’s workmanship; created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God has prepared in advance for us do to.” I have been without shoes for a total of 288 days. Going barefoot has definitely been a journey, from walking through the snow to hiking the Grand Canyon, God has been with me every step of the way.

In four weeks I will be going to ghana Africa with my church. For the past year I have been collecting shoes which I will personally hand out. Along with the shoes I will be providing a gospel message.

Two weeks ago I collected the last of the shoes and shipped them off to Africa. At this time I am collecting composition notebooks and financial donations.

The name of my project is Soul Provider, not only am I providing protection for their feet but I’m also going to be sharing the gospel. I will be leading a Vacation Bible School and helping out with a medical mission station for the children in Africa.

I am asking you to partner with me in this mission by donating money and prayers. Your support could impact a child’s life and change their world forever.


Day 287

I know it’s not the first week of school but it’s my first time at a school not my home so had to get used to homework. During my first week of school I would get ready be coming down the stairs and find myself exclaiming out loud “oh shoes” this is still happening. When I first put shoes on I could not remember how to tie them my dad showed me. I had even made the mistake of grabbing snow shoes they looked ridiculous I could not tell the difference at the time. When I tried to put some shoes on I found that they did not fit like my favorite shoes my flip flops. Please pray for our mission trip to Africa and help us financially.

Day 271

Some people have been asking what I do when I have to wear shoes. I wear them when I extremely have to an example is when I went to camp. At camp I had asked to not wear shoes but they said no because of lawyers or something like that. When I go into restaurants I try not to get seen but if I do I explain why I am not wearing shoes. If they still say no I have to wear shoes or we eat outside if they let us. I have been homeschooled my whole life and because of that I don’t have to wear shoes. This year is the first time I started attending at a local Christian school. I have started school and am sad to say they have made me wear shoes but on certain days when we don’t have to wear uniforms I can be barefoot. Sorry I have not written in awhile summer was awesome!


Day 219

Last week I went to Utah for a ceremony honoring my great great grandfather and his mission with the Navajo Indians. Well I was there I visited The Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, etc we were only there four days but saw a lot. When I was there I had to avoid stepping on many gross and painful things like bull heads which are tiny seed things with two spikes like a bull and of course I had to avoid mule crap.

Day 174

Last Thursday I placed a bin in my co-op for shoes so hopefully next week people will donate some shoes. A  co-op is where home schooled children go to school for a day and have homework  for the rest of the week. I am extremely thankful to the school for letting me go barefoot for a year.


Day 149

I know I have not written in a while but now that school is ending I am going to try to write more often. Since the weather has finally warmed up it is going to be a lot easier to be barefoot. Thanks to the anonymous donation the project now has 2,800 dollars I am so exited about how much progress this project has made thank you for supporting me in my journey. It looks like Gods hand is on this project thanks for your prayers.