Day 219

Last week I went to Utah for a ceremony honoring my great great grandfather and his mission with the Navajo Indians. Well I was there I visited The Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, etc we were only there four days but saw a lot. When I was there I had to avoid stepping on many gross and painful things like bull heads which are tiny seed things with two spikes like a bull and of course I had to avoid mule crap.


Day 174

Last Thursday I placed a bin in my co-op for shoes so hopefully next week people will donate some shoes. A  co-op is where home schooled children go to school for a day and have homework  for the rest of the week. I am extremely thankful to the school for letting me go barefoot for a year.


Day 149

I know I have not written in a while but now that school is ending I am going to try to write more often. Since the weather has finally warmed up it is going to be a lot easier to be barefoot. Thanks to the anonymous donation the project now has 2,800 dollars I am so exited about how much progress this project has made thank you for supporting me in my journey. It looks like Gods hand is on this project thanks for your prayers.




Snow Update: Day 58

IMG_2731.JPGSorry I have not written in awhile it’s mainly because I’m 12 and it was the holidays.

Today is day 58 of my bare foot journey. I decided to do this a little bit different and go over my guidelines for my bare foot year.

My guidelines are to go barefoot for 365 days since I live in North Carolina where it is cold and snows I will have to wear shoes when it snows. The days I miss I will make up for it when it is warmer.

Last week I got up in front of my church and talked about the mission of going barefoot for a cause, afterwards lots of people came up to me saying they were glad there was a reason I was not wearing shoes.

Please pray for me and the kids in Ghana


The Journey Begins


I’m Ashley Diane and I’m going barefoot for a year. Why, you ask? Many children in Ghana do not own even one pair of shoes and I want to help them get shoes and raise awareness to the need. I might not be able to change the world but with your help we can change the lives of many children in Ghana.

Even though this is about shoes, it’s also about “souls”. By helping provide shoes, I can also have opportunities to share about Jesus. This effort isn’t just to meet physical needs but also to meet dire spiritual needs.

How can you help? Consider a financial donation or a donation of slightly used shoes to Soul Provider. All financial donations are tax deductible and all monies will go towards providing shoes to kids in Ghana.

Please make checks out to: V2H (memo Soul Provider) and mail to V2H 2046 Khyber Pass Snellville GA 30039 or give using paypal here:

paypal banner

Slightly used shoes should be mailed to:

V2H c/o New Vision Church 479 Inman Road Fayetteville Georgia 30215